Somewhere Else by Bill Shelley & Chris Beards


Blasted Art Gallery, Backstreet Building, Art Alley, South A Street, SOFA Arts District, Santa Rosa, NorCal


Somewhere Else promotional video:

"Somewhere Else" - an installation by Santa Rosa CA artists, Bill Shelley & Chris Beards. Opening November 3, 2017.

ABOUT Somewhere Else

Art can take you somewhere else, serving as a window into different realms. But “somewhere else” is a matter of perspective. With no objective point from which to observe, we realized that the concept for this installation was open-ended. The title of the show wasn’t limited to describing “over there,” but applied to “everywhere.”

This installation was conceived after the devastation of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. As our planning continued, our area suffered disastrous wildfires, which touched the lives of many. Our project then took on a local immediacy. Some viewers of this work may feel a sense of devastation. Others may see an expansion of space, allowing for mourning, contemplation and hope.

Visitors typically enter an art gallery with expectations of white walls, a hushed quiet, and well lit artwork. We are intentionally upending some of those expectations through light, color, and sound. The viewer stands upon the artworks’ color, blurring the line between the viewer and the artwork.

With a desire to make a unique contribution to Santa Rosa’s SOFA Arts District, we are introducing Blasted Art Gallery with an installation that provides the unexpected: transforming a familiar space into Somewhere Else.

– Bill Shelley and Chris Beards